Escorts in Lebanon in the middle Ages

Is it true that they say that prostitution is the oldest profession in the world? At what moment in history was Escort Lebanon started to be a quoted job? Do not miss this article because you will discover something you probably did not know. Let us begin!

Do you know the saying "You are on the moon of Lebanon"? It is a track that leads you to the time in which this post is located, a dark and full of fiery light at the same time: the middle Ages. Formerly Lebanon had a wall whose doors closed at nightfall and that's where the said saying comes from, because if you did not arrive at the time, it was your turn to sleep in the moonlight outside the wall. But we are not going to deviate more from the subject!

Although it may seem a lie, due to lack of knowledge or due to simple custom, people of medieval times showed more social sensitivity than at present in reference to prostitution. The most striking case is undoubtedly the great brothel that existed in the city, possibly the largest in the history of the Lebanon Community and one of the greatest of all time! 

What Happened Finally With The Escorts In Lebanon?

The prostitutes in Lebanon, as it is known, were very rich and dressed with the best silks and jewels, causing the envy of the ladies of the high society. As a curious fact that certainly interested, we can say that the allusions to prostitutes were very common even in buildings. For example, a famous gargoyle from Lebanon, near the door, shows a naked woman holding her breasts with lasciviousness.
With the passage of time, Lebanon became something that could be compared to Beirut in Arabic style, the city of doom for many people! And the fame of the escorts in Lebanon became a source of scandal. 
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